20, 21 & 22 April - Coimbra
Pavilhão Dr. Mário Mexia

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What is  Shift Appens?

Shift APPens is a technological event, where the goal is to create an app in 48 hours. This event gathers students from several technological areas, as well as entrepreneurs and high tech enthusiasts!

On its way to the fifth edition, Shift APPens is on the top of the portuguese technological environment, offering year after year innovation and the best challenges to its participants. Counting on a relaxed environment and looking to promote a healthy competition and trade of different knowledge from the high-tech world, this hackathon makes it easy to develop hard and soft skills, like creativity, team spirit and the ability to work against the clock.


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When and where?

Shift APPens will happen on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of April of 2018, in the beautiful city of Coimbra. These three intense days of coding, coffee drinking and random things happening will take place in the Dr. Mário Mexia Pavilion, in the centre of Coimbra provided by a good transports network and a shopping centre!

Stay with us!

Don’t worry, we have your best interests at heart and we’ll provide you the best hackathon ever, with the best conditions and confort.

Wanna know how to get there?

By bus:
If you arrive at Coimbra by bus you can take the yellow bus no. 5 and get out at “Infanta Dona Maria”

By train:
If you arrive at Coimbra by train (Coimbra-B) you can take the yellow bus no. 5 and get out at “Infanta Dona Maria”.
If you arrive at Coimbra by train (Coimbra-A) you can take the yellow bus no. 24T and get out at “Infanta Dona Maria”.
You can also take a taxi and tell them to leave at Dr. Mário Mexia Pavilion.


Without them, we’d all be living under a bridge.

Institutional Partners



You can win these


This amazing prize is for the 2nd place winner!

  • - LG 25UM58-P Widescreen Monitor, 1 for each participant;
  • - 4x 250$ Digital Ocean;
  • - 4x 75€ Formações FLAG;
  • - 4x Hoodies UC.


This amazing prize is for the Winner of all Winners, the 1st place Winner!

  • - PlayStation 4, 1 for each participant;
  • - 4x 500$ Digital Ocean;
  • - 4x Licenças Sketch;
  • - 4x 125€ Formações FLAG;
  • - 4x Hoodies UC.


This amazing prize is for the 3rd place winner!

  • - Logitech MX Master Mouse, 1 for each participant;
  • - 4x 125$ Digital Ocean;
  • - 4x 40€ Formações FLAG;
  • - 4x Hoodies UC.


This is a very special prize.


This is a very special prize.


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Make sure to have them love your projects.

Roberto Cortez

Software Engineer at Tomitribe

Roberto Cortez is a professional Java Developer working in the software development industry with more than 9 years of experience on business areas like Finance, Insurance and Government.

André Rabanea

Cofounder & Head of Creative at Beta-i, Founder & Chairman at Torkecc, Cofounder Stuntsoccer, Founder BillytheGroup

André Rabanea (b. 1982, São Paulo) is CoFounder of Beta-i since January 2018 and Head of Creative at the company. He is a creative, disruptive and serial entrepreneur.

Celso Martinho

Co-founder & CEO Bright Pixel

Celso is a challenge-driven, optimistic geek technologist, product person, and entrepreneurial soul, eventually thrown into a management career. Founder and CEO of Bright Pixel.

Tânia Covas

Divisão de Inovação e Transferências do Saber da Universidade de Coimbra - Gestora de Inovação

Desafiar o presente para reinventar o futuro! Ser capaz de desenvolver soluções originais e transformar ameaças em grandes oportunidades, esta é a vocação de Tânia Covas. Licenciada em Comunicação, especialista em Gestão do Conhecimento, Mestre em Gestão Pública e Doutoranda em Gestão.

Who is  SA?

The main activity of Shift APPens is the 48-hour hackathon. Participants are invited to create teams, bringing together the most variated technological and creative skills.

After this comes the brainstorming moment, where each team must give way to their imagination and choose an innovative idea to develop.

In the following hours, there is a period of intense work, concentration, caffeine and a lot of fun, where all the team’s efforts come together to give life to the idea chosen by them.

In the final pitch, they will have to present the idea in a dynamic and appealing way, in order to captivate the jury and get on the podium.


Got any? Ask away.

Can I be part of it?

Any student, professional or enthusiast can be part of our fifth edition of Shift APPens! Only by this way it is possible to create a heterogeneous knowledge-sharing network that will foster the growth of the most inexperienced in the field and increase the spirit of mutual aid. As long as you are creative, motivated, and ready to have fun, Shift APPens is definitely YOUR hackathon!

How do I register?

Applications are open! You can apply on our website (https://shiftappens.com/), registering and filling in the application form, or otherwise, you can look for our Tiger at your school during our Roadshow and apply directly with our organization committee!

What can I do at Shift APPens?

Any application (mobile, web, desktop, game or other) that has come to your mind, but that you still haven’t had the chance to make it real, can fit the Shift APPens concept, and qualify to be one of the winning ideas to be awarded with the awesome prizes we have. Our jury will take into account the originality, the technical difficulty involved, the final quality and the degree of utility for the target audience of the product that was developed during the event.

With who can I participate?

You can apply alone or with your friends! Teams need to have between 2 to 4 participants, but if your friends don’t want to be part of this incredible hackathon, you can register alone and find a team during the event! You just need to bring ideas and a lot of motivation!

How much will it cost?

Application is free! But if your application is accepted you will have to pay 10€.

Where is it APPening?

This year’s edition is going to take place at the same building as last year’s edition, Mário Mexia Pavilion, in the centre of Coimbra provided by a good transports network and a shopping centre.

How is it going to be?

We won’t tell you everything, but be prepared because anything can APPen! You will probably be shot several times by a ninja nerf gun or even find Chewbacca around the venue. We promise to give you all the conditions to be able to code for more than 48 hours!

What about sleeping and showering?

If you decide to be a REAL Shifter, you may spend the 48 hours at our venue. We will have a resting area ready for you, you just need to bring a sleeping bag (you can also bring a mattress and a pillow!). You will also be able to take a shower (eventually) at our changing rooms!

And what about food?

We will ensure you don’t starve and give you all major meals. You can count on breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well as several coffee breaks throughout the day.

Made with   by us.

This hackathon is brought to you by two lovely groups that join together to give the best weekend of your life: the students core of Informatics Engineering and Multimedia Design and a junior enterprise from the University of Coimbra.


The enrichment of student’s experience during their time in University of Coimbra is one of the main principles of NEI/AAC. The main goals of this student's core are to represent the students of Informatic Engineering and Multimedia Design and to regularly organize formative, cultural and sports activities and events like Shift APPens, ENEI, ENED, OpenDEI and Summer University.


jeKnowledge was founded in 2008 with the purpose to provide the students from various courses from the FCTUC the possibility to use the knowledge they acquired at the University in the global market, through an enormous panoply of internal and external projects. It’s entirely formed by students from the area of Science and Technology with the ambition to go further, and believes that that step is given through real projects, for real clients.

This is Shift’s 5th Edition!

This year, we want to bring you more coding, more connecting, more sharing and more fun! Don’t miss out on this amazing hackathon.

Have a look at our past Editions!

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